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YouTube Launches Paid Membership to Help Creators Make Money

youtube channel memberships news june 2018

YouTube has recently launched a new feature of Channel Memberships to enhance user experience. With nearly 2 billion users per month, YouTube has been continuously improving the platform for users, creators, as well as advertisers.


What is YouTube Channel Memberships?

The new feature is called Channel Memberships and allows users to pay a small monthly fee of $4.99 to get access to premium features. The features include unique badges and emoji, ad-free viewing, downloadable content, and access to perks laid out by YouTube creators, like live streams, videos and shoutouts.

Previously reserved for YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids, Channel Membership is now available for any channel with 100,000 subscribers or more.


Improved Monetisation for YouTube Creators

Channel Memberships does more than enhance the YouTube experience for viewers. With these premium features, YouTube Creators also have a new avenue of earning from their videos.

According to Google, the number of YouTube creators earning five figures a year is up by 35 percent, while the number earning six figures is up by 40 percent. While the vast majority of revenue has always been from ads, Creators now have the opportunity to think outside just advertising.


New YouTube Premium Features for Creators

Aside from Channel Memberships, YouTube has introduced a range of additional features.

YouTube Premieres allows creators to show pre-recorded videos as “Live Moment.” When a premiere is released, YouTube automatically sets up a landing page to build the hype of the new video. While the video is playing, viewers will be able to chat with each other as well as the creator.

YouTube Merchandise is another feature to help creators monetize. This features creates a “shelf” within the channel where creators can sell a variety of customized merchandise, including phone cases, t-shirts, and more. Starting June 21 this year (2018), this feature is available for US based channels with