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What are Micro-Moments and How do we Use them?

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Technology is continuously changing the way we purchase. With the smartphone being an item that most of us use throughout the day, many of us expect everything instantly. We can instantly order food, book transport, entertain ourselves, make a purchase, or research information.

This brings us to micro-moments. Google defines “micro-moments” as a “reflexive” need to consult your mobile device for something you want in that moment. These moments can be simplified as thoughts like “I want-to-do,” “I want-to-know,” “I want-to-buy,” and “I want-to-go.”

So what makes these micro-moments different from other search queries? One of the primary differences is the high intent. During these moments, the user usually does not want to spend much time browsing before reaching their final decision. It’s all about now.

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Micro-moments can be a highly effective game changer in your SEO or digital marketing strategy. But how exactly do you capitalise on these micro-moments?

In this article, we’re going to share further information about micro-moments to help you make the most of it for your business.


What are Micro-moments?

Have an urgent question? We can now reach into our pocket for instant answers to any question.

Micro-moments are defined as moments when people automatically turn to a device to answer an urgent need. These generally means something that requires an instant answer. It may include something to watch, something to discover, or something to purchase.

Typically, micro-moments will include questions such as “what is…”, “where is…”, “where can I…”, “how does…” and much more. Searchers use these moments to make key decisions and select preferences. These “intent rich moments” are the final moments where consumers make a decision.


What are the benefits of micro-moments?

Now that we have a clearer picture of what micro-moments are, let’s go over how micro-moments can actually benefit your business or brand. Here are some of the ways that micro-moments may affect brands across various industries.


Health Care.

Micro-moments are the magical change that have brought revolutionary digital transformation to the healthcare industry. With micro-moments, customers are much more aware of their healthcare options.

micromoments in healthcare

In the past, customers may frequent a regular clinic, or perhaps ask friends for recommendations. While this is still true, users may also reflexively look online for the best or nearest clinic. They may also hope to immediately call the top healthcare they find from their smartphone, or book an appointment online.

In healthcare, micro-moments means providing a customer with important information about health-related queries, treatments, price points, and more.



This is likely among the first industries that comes to mind when thinking of micro-moments. By connecting with users during these high-intent searches, brands can connect with customers at a time when they are already intending to buy.

retail micromoments

Although the vast majority of retail purchases still happen in-store, mobile’s influence over these purchases is rapidly growing. This means that although the final sale may not take place online, those mobile searches are often what pushes the customer to a final decision.



There are many things for a customer to know before purchasing a car. Capitalising on providing information for these urgent questions is an important way for brand owners to send valuable information to their customers.

This includes providing quality content that answers these urgent questions that a customer may have. It may be the final piece of information your customer is looking for before making a decision.


Hospitality and Tourism.

There are lots of micro-moments in the travel and tourism sectors. From where to stay, what to eat, or things to do, travel is filled with micro-moment questions.

hospitality travel micromoments

Providing the necessary information for these questions is an essential tool in digital marketing for hotels and resorts, travel agencies, tourist attractions, restaurants, and more.


How can brands take advantage of Micro-moments?

Micro-moments are extremely competitive. These requires a lot of effort from the part of brands if they want to take advantage of these moments.

Gone are the days when brands are the only ones reaching out to their customers. Now, customers are also reaching out directly to brands to find information that they need. For businesses and brands, this is an open invitation to engage with their customers.

If by now you are curious about how you can use these micro-moments, here are a few tips.


Watch your Page Load Time.

As mentioned previously in this article. Micro-moments refer to “urgent questions.” This means that brands need to provide fast answers. This won’t work if your website takes too long to load! A typical webpage contains a variety of assets on numerous servers. Most of the time, these assets unmeasured, unoptimized, and most importantly unmonitored. Unnecessary page elements decrease page performance and speed — especially on mobile devices.

2. Mobile-Marketing-Statistics-Primehouse-Media

A key point is to monitor the time that your page takes to load, and monitor any third party scripts that may slow down your page.


Emphasize on Local Content.

Local search is expanding day by day. “Near Me” searches are increasing every year. Compared to last year, “near me” searches which also include “buy” have increased by over 500%. Users are no longer including terms such as their city or zip code, as they assume that their device is aware of their location.

“Near me” is no longer just about finding a specific place. It’s now about finding a specific thing, in a specific area, and in a specific period of time.

For brands to reach their customers during these “buy near me” searches, its essential to ensure that their page provides sufficient local content that will help customers find the thing they need at the place they need it.


User Experience Matters.

Aside from page-load time, there are other factors involved in user experience. The first is making sure that your website is fully responsive to mobile devices. Is your font large enough on a smartphone? Is it easy enough to click buttons? How many steps does it take for a users to click “buy” or “call” or “contact us?”


Submit your site to maps and GPS devices.

4. Importance-of-a-Mobile-Friendly-Website

According to surveys, 90% of smartphone users don’t depend on certain brand. Instead, they prefer to search for information online before making a purchase. If your brand is not visible online during these searches, you may be missing out on lots of potential customers. This is not only limited to showing up on Google search, but location based searches through Google maps as well. Your contact information and address should also be readily available for anyone searching.


In Summary…

How do we take advantage of micro-moments? A few places to start are:

  • Make sure your website loads fast enough
  • Ensure the navigation is mobile friendly
  • Have your contact information readily available
  • Local content is a must!
  • Provide information that your customers may need now

These are just a few ideas of where to get started with micro-moments. Want to add these steps to your digital marketing strategy? Get in touch with one of our specialists today.