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14 March 2016

Landing Pages are a crucial part of any PPC campaign. In fact, a good (or bad) landing page can mean the difference between success and ultimate failure for your internet marketing.

So, what is a Landing page? A Landing Page is a page on your website that a person is directed to when they click on your ads.

You may have written the perfect Ad Copy and created some attention-grabbing banners. You may have the most brilliant targeting strategy. Each of those things are focused on getting someone to click on your ad.

So what happens after they click on your ad? You wouldn’t want someone to just click on your ad, and that’s all. The point of any campaign would be for a person to take action. That action might be to buy something, to sign up for your newsletter, to register for an event, or any other action depending on the goal of your campaign. And that’s where landing pages come in.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we believe everyone should use landing pages.

1. Provide Relevant Information

match your message to your landing page

Let’s say you are launching a new promo, and you create a campaign to promote that product. For your campaign to be as effective as possible, the ads should direct users to a page that gives information specifically about that promo.
If your ad says “50% off all Hotel Rooms this Month!” but when someone clicks that ad, they are taken to a page that says “Our hotel is very lovely and by the beach,” the person is likely to be confused, wonder what happened to the 50% discount, and then simply exit the page.

2. Reduced Cost-Per-Click

how to reduce cost per click

The closer the match between your AdCopy and the Final URL that a user gets to, the more useful your Ad is perceived to be for the person searching. So, same as the point above, if your Ad says “Buy Red Roses from Puncak” and your landing page ALSO says “Buy Red Roses from Puncak,” this means your Ad must be very useful for anyone searching for Red Roses from Puncak, because your page provides information exactly about that. This tells Google that you are providing a relevant answer to a user’s question, which will give your Ad a better Quality Score, therefore reducing your Cost Per Click and improving the overall results of your budget.

3. Keep it Simple

keep your landing page simple

Home Pages can be confusing. This is especially true if someone got there from clicking an ad that was talking about something not listed on your home page. Landing Pages allow you to funnel your visitor’s attention by providing only the necessary information that will result in a specific action, be it a sale, filling in the contact form, etc. In essence, you would want to reduce or remove any distraction or obstacle that may prevent a visitor from converting.

4. Test Multiple Landing Pages

ab test landing pages

Landing Pages gives you the opportunity to experiment with different techniques without too much effort. This may be testing different layouts, different colors, different calls-to-action, and much more, in order to see which one produces the best results. Sometimes simply changing the color of a button, or moving a logo can have a significant impact on the outcome of your campaign. Testing can also provide you with valuable information about what kind of messaging or imagery your customers respond better to.

5. Tailored Messaging

customized messaging

Landing pages can help you to specifically customize your message for specific kinds of people. Aside from having different landing pages for different products or promotions, you can create landing pages to people with different interests or behaviours. You can create specific landing pages for remarketing, or different pages for people at various stages in the buying cycle. The more closely a person is able to connect with the message on your landing page, the more likely they are to convert.

So there you have 5 reasons why you should be using Landing Pages in your PPC Campaigns.

Try it in your next campaign, and stay tuned to our blog for more new and tips and how you can improve your Digital Marketing Strategy.