Social Media Marketing Indonesia

Social Media Marketing uses online social networks to advertise, attract traffic and gain attention. Get connected with your target customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & many more.

Why use Social Media?

Social Marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media networks, connects you with your customers at the place they spend their free time.

There are 69 Million active Facebook users in Indonesia.

Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in Indonesia, after Google.

More Indonesians use Facebook than read the newspaper or listen to the radio.

61% of Facebook users in Indonesia say they are more likely to purchase from a brand they have engaged with on Social Media.

75% are likely to share content they like with friends, family and co-workers.

Attract New Customers, Improve Brand Awareness & Increase web Traffic!

Social Media Marketing is driven by shares, likes, and comments. This means creating engaging content that your community is likely to share. A strong Social Media presence can increase your Brand Awareness and attract new customers to your brand.

Our Social Media strategy connect you directly with those who have an interest in your product. Find out exactly who your potential customers are, and target them in the most effective way.

Our Online Marketing Team works closely with you to identify new opportunities in Social Media and create a strategy that will meet your business goals.

Our Social Media Marketing Solution

Personal Account Manager

Custom Social Media Strategy

Multiple Social Media Channels

Custom Design Development

Optimized Page Set-up

Proactive Social Media Posts

Community Re-Engagement

Unique Blog Posting / Articles

Management and Monitoring

Flexible packages to suit your budget

Monthly Reporting

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your business

Generate new leads.
Send more traffic to your website.
Target your posts by age, gender, location and interests.
Communicate instantly with your target audience.
Multiply your reach through shared content.
Attract new customers to your brand.
Build a loyal fan base of people who are interested in your brand.
Broadcast messages instantly to members of your community.
Increase Brand Awareness and visibility through repeat exposure.
… and more

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