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April 10, 2019
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5 Things Marketers should know about SEO

exceptional content - tips for seo

Every online marketer wants to foresee new SEO trends! But it’s not easy to catch them before they come out. Creating a website or starting a blog is a good start for any business, but it doesn’t end there.

There are many different factors involved in SEO. Many of them change regularly, but the core focus is always the same: To have a user-friendly and easy to navigate website, that provides useful and relevant information and answers a question that a searcher is asking.

In a previous article, we talked about some of the important components of your PPC campaign. But what’s going on in SEO? Let’s take a look at a few major factors to keep in mind.


1. Understand Your Audience’s Demands

Knowing your audience demand is the first step in SEO! Some may prefer image, while some may like video, or even audio. The more you understand your audience, the more you understand your business.

The tastes, demands, and interests of your audience can change within a moment. Your content may be written perfectly or optimised according to all the points of SEO. However, nothing will happen if it is targeted for the wrong audience. Having great content, means content that is specifically tailored for your audience.


2. Take your SEO Beyond Google Search

SEO is not just about showing on on page one of the SERP! It matters more how searchers got there, what they were searching for, and what terms they were using. It’s important not just to generate traffic, but also to learn about where your visitors and engagement is coming from.

beyond google search - tips for seo

Aside from just Google Search, there are many ways to generate traffic through SEO. For example, if you have an app, you will probably need to rank in the app store and generate traffic from people searching there. In the same way, if you are creating podcasts, or videos, then you would need to optimise for these sectors.

An important part of SEO is being able to utilise other platforms. Of course, you need to also consider optimisation for mobile devices.


3. Exceptional Content matters

Google rewards those sites which provide quality content! Definitely quality content is the first look of the websites for the audiences. The site can keep a top ranking position if it provides more quality content.

exceptional content - tips for seo

Comparatively, the sites suffer a lot that maintain weaker content than others. Google will reward those sites that keep great quality content and update regularly.

Now you can have suspicions about great quality content! If yes then let me clarify you. Quality content comes to the audience with the solution. It inspires, motivates, and provides real information.

Content strategy in SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea! It means too many things and deserves new as well as unique criteria.


4. Get Ready for Voice Search

In the last couple decades, we’ve seen a tremendous rise in the use of mobile devices. This has affected the way we behave, and the way we buy, which has in turn affected the way businesses market their products and services.

voice search - tips for seo

With the rapid growth in technology, mobile devices have also given way to a new type of searching: voice search.

Voice search has been on the rise year over year, and is becoming of more importance to businesses. This can also be a game changer for multinational and multilingual websites.


5. Win with On-page Optimization

On-page optimization now plays a much larger role in your overall SEO Strategy. In the past, “link building” played a large part of SEO. While links are still of some importance, on-page SEO is definitely the area that deserves more time and effort.

When it comes to on-page SEO, there are numerous things that site owners can do to improve user experience. Some of these include:

– Chatbots may be plus
– Brief conversation process
– Easy and reliable customer support
– Content answers the common questions.
– Site search is able to provide relevant results.
– Ensuring repeat customers can purchase simply


In Summary

That was just a brief overview of SEO in 2019 and how it may affect your website and marketing in the future. But, as previously mentioned, the most important thing is to ensure your website is geared towards providing useful, relevant, and easy to find information for your customers. This will continue to be the most important part of SEO.

If you are looking for a comprehensive SEO strategy for your business, drop us a message here!