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May 2, 2019
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3 Simple Ways to use Digital Marketing in Education

digital marketing in education

As the saying goes, “There is a big difference between a human being and being human.” Education is one of the top ways that we as a human race can help to improve our society.

We all know the importance of education. But what role does digital marketing play in the education industry? The growth in technology has changed the way people compare products or make purchases. This is especially true for those in the education sector. This includes preschools, private schools, universities, learning centers, and more.

As the educational sector becomes more competitive online, going digital is an essential transformation for many institutions.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that digital marketing directly affects schools, universities, and learning centers.


1. Attracting new Students to your Institution

Gaining credibility as a school is a long process and takes a lot of time and effort. However, this process can be improved by getting your basics done online. This begins with having a good quality website that showcases your school. Your website should give a clear outlook of your school, beliefs, facilities, methods, and goals.

If you already have a professional and user-friendly website for your school, the next step is attracting visitors. How can you ensure that students will be able to find your school online? This can be done through either traditional or digital marketing methods.

Since we are discussing digital marketing, here are a few places to get started online. Some of the top online platforms include Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Establishing a presence for your brand on these platforms is a good start.


2. Promoting your Educational Events

Many schools often hold events such as seminars, meetups, or open houses. This is another opportunity that can be improved with Digital Marketing. Using online campaigns, schools can generate interest and awareness of their events.

With a comprehensive online marketing strategy, schools can build a community of interested followers around their brand. This will also make it easier to spread the word when they are hosting an event.


3. Providing Information and Guidance

Small steps can sometimes make a big difference. One way that educational institutes can improve their online presence is by having online resources such as a blog, information, and even career guidance.

Most educational institutions with have a database of current and past students, which is a good start for building your website’s audience. This begins with talking about topics that would be of interest to your previous, current, and potential students.

Education is a lifelong process and doesn’t end after graduation. It doens’t even end after getting a job.
In this way, educational institutions can continuously provide help and guidance through creating useful and relevant information and guidance.


Final Thoughts…

This article includes just some of the basics of getting started with digital marketing for schools, universities or learning centers. In the coming months, we’ll cover some of the latest trends in digital marketing that you can apply to your school or other business.
Stay tuned.