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17 March, 2016

SEO is something many of us have heard of. Whether you are just a blogger or Businessman, you want your website to be crowded. Your goal may be to make money from your website, but your website is still not well known.


Nowadays, as we all know, anyone can acquire almost any information from the Internet. The Search Engine that is best known to most people is Google. Google’s search results consists of millions of pages. Of course, every website owner hopes their website will appears on the first page, or even the top position.

You have written many articles, but are still not on the first page. You feel something is wrong. Chances are that you have not implemented something called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

This can be even more frustrating if you are in an internet-related business. In the end, you may choose to hire a Digital Agency, or SEO Agency. However, we still recommend you have some knowledge about SEO yourself.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of your website in Search Engine results. SEO refers to increasing results that are “natural” or not using paid ads.

This is done by incorporating various techniques to make your website more “search engine friendly.”
Successful Search Engine Optimization includes carefully selected keywords, and optimized pages that will stand out in Search Engine algorithms.

Search Engine Optimization can be broken down into two main categories: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page optimization refers to the elements of the website itself, such as the HTML code, the textual content and images. Off-page optimization mainly refers to back-links. These are links which point to your website from another relevant or related website.

In both on-site and off-site optimization, it is essential for your website to be friendly to Search Engines, but more importantly, friendly to your readers.

Why does your website need SEO?

Perhaps you’ve heard of an e-commerce business that was very successful after implementing SEO. But how can we use SEO to improve the ranking of a website in Search Engines?

Here are a few tips on what to look out for in your SEO!

1. SEO is not an expense, but an Investment

SEO Return On Investment is high. By using Google Analytics for your website, maybe you noticed a particular keyword has a great conversion rate, but your website appears on page # 2 of Google Search Results.

seo investment

If you could reach the top 3 spots on the first page, where the majority of people will click on, this would provide great results. SEO Services can be likened to investing in real estate: the return can be overwhelming – if you get it right.


2. SEO is just one part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO has become an important part of any Digital Marketing Strategy. SEO is the ‘master’ to help improve performance.
But, SEO is not the only player in town! SEO alone cannot help you achieve your highest marketing potential. Social media, PPC, and other marketing strategies can complement SEO Services. By combining these, you can strengthen your website and encourage more business.

digital marketing methods

As a manager or CEO, the challenge you have is not to choose one type of Online Marketing over the other, but finding a clever way to integrate SEO into your marketing plan.

This is not a battle between various channels, but rather about how to collaborate and establish partnerships. Combining the right channels of marketing – one of them SEO – can bring high benefits for your business.


3. SEO: Your full-time Salesperson

Think of your website as a store that is always open, 7 days a week. Your website is like the perfect employee. This employee can multitask effectively, accomplish thousands of tasks at once, and is only limited by what you ask for.
An SEO-enhanced website is like a high-performing salesperson to spearhead your sales force.


4. How SEO impacts the Research-Purchase Cycle

SEO can increase your sales without necessarily increasing your marketing costs, by increasing profits in a sustainable manner over time. SEO can help you achieve your business goals better than almost any other marketing method.

If you assume that everyone has heard about your brand or thinks that your shop is the best place to buy, it could be a very costly mistake. People are constantly researching better offers, and people will always be socially driven by The Web to do comparisons.

In regards to this, SEO plays an important role. SEO can be like a magnet, attracting potential buyers to your website. Websites rank highly for specific keywords and key phrases because they provide what users are searching for. By choosing the right keywords that are relevant to your business, you can attract more visitors to your website, and direct them towards the solutions you offer.


5. SEO fees can vary

Measuring the cost of SEO services is quite difficult. There are no universal standards that can be used as a standard for SEO services. Cost is based on the situation.

seo ratings

Before you choose the cheapest or the most expensive, limited or more comprehensive, experienced team versus your cousins or friends, be sure to know how much it costs for the implementation of SEO.

SEO services involves a team of people who work behind the scenes. Give them a small budget, and you will be practically tying their hands, and you cannot expect great results from it.

If you are hesitant to implement SEO on your website, then do not be afraid to ask the SEO experts to provide an analysis, even if you have to pay more for it. That is a safe and worthy investment if it can convince you about the real value of an SEO strategy.


6. ‘Cheap SEO Services’ vs ‘Expensive SEO Services’

When comparing several SEO companies, you may be tempted to choose one that is not too expensive. At times, it may actually be a smarter choice to choose the most expensive one!

Why is that? SEO is not expensive. It is an investment. There may be an SEO Company that charges higher fees than other companies. As marketing manager or decision maker, you need to examine more closely why they are so expensive. What makes them so confident to charge a high price?

If an “expensive SEO company” can help you achieve your financial goals and growth targets, or double your investment before the end of the contract, was it really ‘expensive’?

On the other hand, if you opt for a lower price SEO Service which doesn’t bring you any results, that low cost is just like money being thrown away.

This is not an emotional decision. It is based on logic and data. Choosing an SEO Agency is like buying a car. Why is
Ferrari more expensive than a VW Beetle? There are many good reasons, and the same applies with SEO.


7. SEO is not just the icing on the cake – It is the Main Ingredient

So, you’ve spent a lot of money on your new website, (and it looks great!) The last thing you want is to hear is the consultant asking you to invest more money so your website appears on Search Engines.

seo is not just the icing on the cake

Effective SEO must be woven into the very DNA of your website to help your business get ranked on Search Engines.
SEO must be considered when you first plan the structure of your website, content management system (CMS), the URL syntax, and web design. This will bring the best results from your website.

If your website did not start with a strong SEO foundation, not to fear. SEO consultants can still help you optimize your website, but it may take more time, more effort, more money, and some major restructuring of your website.


8. SEO is more than just an SEO-Friendly Content Management System (CMS)

When CMS vendors say that they have SEO friendly CMS and that’s all you need, don’t be fooled. SEO (now) is not just about the code. Google does not find ‘code’, but ‘content’.

There are more than 200 factors associated with Search Engine rankings, and the algorithms change many times every year. CMS code is only a small part of the whole. By providing the right framework for your website, SEO friendly CMS can help. But it will take more than that to dominate the Search Engines.


9. Content is King

content is king

SEO is not new. Yet, many CEOs and managers have not formally been taught the importance of SEO for businesses. If you feel that online marketing technology is highly technical and sophisticated and you don’t understand it, you are not alone.

However, if you ask the right questions, you can reach your goal.


10. Don’t leave your Google Rankings to Chance

What does it cost to print your business cards? How much does it cost for marketing brochures? I guess it’s not much compared to how much you invest in your website. Do you read the cards, brochures or leaflets carefully before getting them printed? (Or ask someone else to review it for you?) Sure, you do.

Do you design and order all the business cards and brochures at a considerable expense, and then just keep it on the shelf? Of course not. Your website is a much more powerful marketing tool, and much more expensive. But, do you have a specialist examine your website before you launch it?

By ignoring SEO, that’s what you do with your new fancy website. Your website could be viewed by thousands of your best prospects, and ideal clients. But instead, you left your Google rankings to chance.

Even if you have your own printer in the office, do you print your own business cards? No, I bet you do not. You probably submit it to a professional company with long experience in printing.

SEO is your Digital Business card. This can multiply your impact on a large scale by placing your website in a leading position.There are many good reasons why your SEO should be handled by professionals who know how to do it.

They will ensure that your website is shown to the right audience, and will be seen by a large amount of prospective customers. This is the sole purpose of your “Digital Business Card,” — to bring you qualified leads and convert them into customers.

11. Don’t miss out on this Powerful Marketing Tool

Neglecting SEO could cost you thousands of potential customers, leads and sales. The good news is that once you realize this, it is very easy to fix. Get your SEO back in control, so you can direct your business along the right path.

These are just a few reasons why every company should use SEO, and there are many more Benefits of SEO for your business.

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