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Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Primehouse Media PPC Marketing Services is your one-stop solution to increasing quality traffic and generating leads for your business. With teams based across Asia, we can assist you in effectively targeting countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and more.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

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Reach your target audience based on location, interests, demographics and more.

Engage with potential customers across multiple platforms & devices.

Get your brand in front of potential customers at any stage in the buying cycle.

Start seeing quality traffic & engagement within 48 hours of launch.

MAXimize the results of your Marketing Budget

Primehouse Media PPC Marketing is a fast and effective way to get started online. Whether you’re a small company or an international brand, we provide a reliable and affordable solution.

Manage your ads across multiple channels, including Google Search, Google Display, Facebook, YouTube and more. Already using Google AdWords but not getting the results you need? We’ll help you optimize your campaign to reduce CPCs and MAXimize the result of your ads within your marketing budget.

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Professional Ads Management on Google, Facebook, & more.

Whether you need to increase social engagement, generate quality leads, improve brand awareness, or get more views for your videos, we help you create and manage your campaign effectively.

Choose where you would like to show your ads, or let us recommend a solution for you. This may include Google Search Ads, Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Mobile Apps, and many more.

PPC Marketing Process


Start by getting in touch with the form here. An account manager will give you a call to understand more about your business and goals.


Our PPC Marketing team will conduct an analysis of your website and current social and ad accounts (if any.) We’ll also research the best way to target your audience.


Now, we’ll start creating your campaign. This includes implementing tracking & analytics, writing & designing your ads, and setting up your targeting.


We monitor the ongoing progress of your campaigns to detect which aspects are running well or which aren’t.


We continuously optimize your campaign based on data, including how each ad, keyword or audience is performing. Then, we make necessary updates to improve results.


We’ll send you monthly campaign reports so you know exactly how your ads are performing and the progress so far.

What's Included

Each step in our PPC process is according to best practices for each channel.

Who we WORK with

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Pricing & Packages

Our agency management fee is based on your monthly ads budget. All new clients will also be charged a one-time campaign fee for research, analysis, initial targeting, and design. Please speak to our team about your campaign and goals and we will be happy to provide a custom quote.

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