Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a collection of over 2 million websites where you can display your Ads. Broadcast your message & promote your brand on thousands of related websites. This includes some of the top visited websites in the world, including Google-Owned websites like YouTube and Gmail, Premium Branded websites, News Websites, Gaming Websites, Video Websites, Mobile Apps and more.

Placing an Ad on the GDN is like having billboard on the Internet’s Super Highway.

The difference is, you can decide exactly who sees your ads, see exactly how many people see your ad, and measure the results you get from that ad.

Why Advertise on the Google Display Network

The GDN reaches 90% of all internet users worldwide.

95% of online time is spent on websites where Display can connect with users.

Customers research, compare, and evaluate online.

Get your Ads in front of your customers almost immediately after launching your campaign.

Reach people who are not yet searching for you.

Gain credibility for Your Brand by advertising on reputable sites.

Maximize your reach with Google Display Network

Customers spend most of their online time using email, reading news sites, browsing videos, etc. Our Digital Marketing experts use this time to promote Your Brand across multiple websites that your customers browse.

We use careful, strategic planning to find out where your customers spend their time, and what topics interest them most.

Connect with the Right Audience at the Right Time

The GDN reaches millions of people with millions of interests. Ads can be targeted based on geographic location, time of day, specific websites, browsing history, user behavior, and much more.

Our Digital Marketing Agency will help you display your ads on only relevant websites to target the correct customers. Maximize your ROI by showing your ads to the right audience in the right way.
Ads can be Text, Image, Video or Interactive. Primehouse Media's Display Advertising team will select the correct Ad Formats that will appeal to your customers and bring the results you need.

Our GDN Solution

Personal Account Manager

Complete Website Analysis

Custom Target Combinations

Placement Optimization to place ads on relevant sites

Targeted to Desktops, Tablets & Mobile Devices

Creation of Jpeg Banner Ads

Conversion Tracking

Remarketing Set-Up Custom Monthly Reporting

No Hidden Costs

No Set-Up Fees

... and more

Google Display Ads can also be combined with Search Marketing to reach customers at any stage in the buying cycle.

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