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Meta-Description Character Count 2018

There’s a new Meta-Description 2018 character count. There has been a recent change for the number of characters shown for your website page description on the SERP. Not too long ago, the maximum character count for your meta-description was capped between 155 – 160 characters. There were a few slight differences depending on device. Anything longer than that would have been shown as ”…”

Currently, this number is increased to show up to 320 characters –about double the previous length. These longer snippets are being shown on both mobile and desktop searches.

The text that you set as your meta description is usually what shows up on the SERPS. But this is not *always* so. Sometimes, Google just choose to pull random pieces of text to show instead.


What are Meta Descriptions For?

The primary reason for your Meta-Description is to improve your “CTR” or click-through-rate on the SERP. When someone is searching for something on Google, the results would each have a headline and a short description, or meta-description.

This meta-description gives the user an idea of what a page is about before they click on it. Ideally, your meta-description should summarize in a sentence what the content of your page is, and encourage users to click on it.

Here’s an example of the new extended meta-descriptions on the SERP.

meta description length 2018 update


What Does this mean for SEO?

One obvious change is that you can now fit much more information into your meta-description, rather than being limited to barely over a sentence. With the expanded length meta-descriptions, users will get a much clearer idea of what is on your page before they ever click on it. This alone can help to encourage more “qualified” visitors to each website, as they will already have a very good idea of what the page is about.


Moving Forward with Extended Length Meta-Descriptions

With the information about these new updates, what should we do about it? For one, it’s definitely a good idea to start implementing these new updates. Although we now have much more space for important information, we should still remember to abide by some of the core Google guidelines. This would include things such as – no extensive keyword stuffing, or strings of keywords without much else.

Instead, as usual, your meta-description should be focused on providing valuable information for your users. Some things you can think of including in your new extended meta-descriptions would be a short summary of your page, benefits of your product or service, a strong call to action.