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6 SEO Techniques to use in 2016

seo techniques 2016
6 January 2016

SEO Techniques are always evolving. If you want to make sure your website is optimized properly, you must be up to date with the SEO techniques. If you want your website to appear on the first page of the result page of Google and get a lot of visitors, then your SEO must be properly maintained.

Search Engines, such as Google, change their algorithms regularly. Therefore, the implementation of SEO must be adjusted regularly, too. There are many techniques for implementing SEO on your website. Here are just a few SEO Techniques for 2016.


1. Intention is Everything.

search with intent is everything

Good SEO Techniques are not just about keywords anymore. Director of Visitor Development on MOZ says, “We no longer need the right keywords to offer relevant search results.” Nowadays, Search Engines observe how people interact with a website. Are they coming back to the results or are they finding the answers they need for on your website?


2. Keywords don’t need a beginning and an end.

“Incorporating keywords in the title has become less important,” Shepard said. “Google has been better in interpreting the meaning. Previously, if you wanted to get a better rank for ‘best restaurants,’ then you would have to say ‘the best’ as many as three or four times. It is still worthwhile to get ranked for ‘best restaurants,’ but the semantic meaning becomes much more important. Now you can write about a great dining experience, and the search engines will know it. ”

While Laetsch added: “Historically, we wanted to get a keyword in the body copy or in the meta description. Now all that is not required, as Search Engines have become much smarter. They begin to think about alternate words that you would expect to be in the article, which indicates that this is an article that is worth more.

For example, if you are writing an article about the Apple Watch, you might have the words ‘Apple,’ ‘iPhone,’ ‘watch,’ ‘application,’ and ‘time.’ If they are in the body copy, it will notify the Search Engines that this is a pretty good article.”

Seventy-five percent of search queries are three to four words long. One SEO Technique is to make sure to write an appropriate title. He added, “The Search Engines will figure out that if people are looking for the word ‘marketing’, with only one or two-word queries, they will not get the results they want. To get quality results, which are most likely to answer their questions, they add three, four or five words. As a content creator, when you think about optimization, you should think about it. ”


3. Size Matters

“A long article, between 1,200 to 1,500 words, performs better in the search,” said Laetsch. “This is important, different from how it was two or three years ago, where 300 words was considered pretty good. The longer the article, the more the traffic and the higher the SEO rank, particularly for competitive keywords. Google made changes, and the reason they made this change, is to make sure they send traffic to a website the is providing relevant and useful information.”
He suggested dividing the length of content with subtitles, points and pictures to facilitate the readers.

article length impacts seo“A long article will perform better in search results because there are a lot of words and images to rank on a page,” Shepard said. “People share more articles on social media, by providing links to connect or just give a short quote. Short articles may sometimes obtain good rankings although long articles tend to do better.”


4. Use a unique image

unique images are a great seo technique

“Votes are used as a source of reference on Google, not like before, but having a unique image on your web site remains valuable,” says Shepard. “The same picture can appear on hundreds of Web pages, but having unique content with pictures would make it stand out. I’m not opposed to using a stock image to illustrate a point, but any time you can make something special or use photography that is unique, it will turn out to work better in the long run. ”


5. Optimize it For Mobile

optimizing your website for mobile is essential

“Many people read the news on their smartphones, so it is important to ensure that your content is searched,” said Derek Edmond, managing partner and director of SEO and Social Media Strategies in KoMarketing Associates. “Make sure Google can understand the content using mobile applications. This improves marketing through applications that implement SEO, and this is an opportunity to get consumers in terms of marketing B-to-B.”


6. Focus on User Experience

“Original content has become much more important than before,” said Rhea Drysdale, CEO of Outspoken Media Inc., an SEO consulting firm. “Original content can generate-whether it be images or video, or content with a lot of writing, whatever it is that you can put together will attract someone to read it or share it.”

seo techniques need user experience

“Creating an editorial calendar can attract your customers,” said Laatsch. “That’s the most important thing for marketers to do for SEO in 2016. Your content must be original and targeted towards the readers. If you pick a content from another article or another website, you should reward them by adding the source of the article, but also add one or two paragraphs in your writing. Shepard also said, in the past marketers would promote what they want people to see, but today they deliver exactly what people want to see. This will push the rank on SEO.”

Laestsch also said: “The reason why we optimize and we want anything to appear on Google, Bing or Yahoo is not because we want to make money but because we want to stay on page No. 1 or No. 2. The reason we want to have a good rank on Search Engines is so that our audiences have a great experience. No matter how high your ranking is, if the audience that visits your site is not happy, then there is no point. ”

There you have some of the top SEO Techniques that you should be implementing in 2016. Ultimately, as long as you are focused on providing relevant, unique, and useful information that provides value to someone who is searching, your website will continue to rank, despite new Algorithms.